Poème de Bruce Kiskaddon le premier cow-boy poète 1878-1950

 sources: website of  the National cowboy museum
Startin’ Out," a poem by Bruce Kiskaddon (1878-1950)

When you have to start out on a cold winter day,
The wind blowin’ cold and the sky is dull gray.
You blow on the bit till you take out the frost,
Then you put on the bridle and saddle yore hoss.

He squats and he shivvers. He blows through his nose.
The blanket is stiff for the sweat is shore froze.
Then you pick up yore saddle and swing it up high,
Till the stirrups and cinches and latigoes fly.

The pony he flinches and draws down his rump.
There’s a chance he might kick, and he’s likely to jump.
He rolls his eye at you and shivvers like jelly
When you pull that old frozen cinch up on his belly.

It is cold on his back and yore freezin’ yore feet,
And you’ll likely find out when you light on yore seat,
That you ain’t got no tropical place fer to set.
It is likely the saddle aint none overhet.

But a cow boy don’t pay no attention to weather.
He gits out of his bed and gits into the leather.
In the winter it’s mighty onpleasant to ride,
But that’s jest the time when he’s needed outside.

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  1. je suis venu sur ton blog au hasard, ben il et sympa, il y a plein de truc pour nous faire découvrir ce milieu. ben je reviendrai demain faire un chti tour moi. il ya beaucoup de chose sympa, et comme g pas just envie de survoler, ze v revenir demain. classe, vraiment.

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